Take To The Skies – A 10th anniversary review

This is an old album but my god is it good. Decided to give this a proper listen through again due to the band performing it in full at Slam Dunk Festival. This was the debut album from Enter Shikari, this year marks the tenth anniversary of the album being released for the British rock band. Their genre has evolved and developed over the years from the sound of this album but personally, this sound is fantastic and shows when the band perform these songs live.

I will be reviewing the version of the album with the interludes and intros. This maybe a bit biased as i am a massive fan but enjoy!

Enter Shikari

It starts out with a climatic opening building the tension and then… Bam, it kicks straight in throwing everything at the listener. It’s a nice build up and a great switch to the heavy sound


My god, this song(along with Labyrinth) are my favourites from the album. The hard hitting “Go tell all your friends, that this is the end” always stuns me, it’s such a great song to hear chanting back at the band. It’s such a fast hype song, it never fails to just put a smile on my face throughout the song. Even if the lyrics aren’t as vast and extensive as some songs, it is very memorable and honestly see this as a fan favourite.

Anything can happen in the next half hour…

This song switches a bit between slower verses then to faster deeper sounding verses. It does switch it up a fair bit. I really enjoy the chorus in this song a lot. It’s slow but the music and vocals match so well, it’s really soothing.


This is it, if you want a song to just be so up beat and jumpy, this is it, right here. The chorus with the electronics sound beautiful. This song just satisfies and sounds phenomenal in so many parts of this song. I personally adore the part of the song where a race commentator comes onto the vocals and commentates an imaginary race happening during the song. It’s typical Enter Shikari, where the band will just add little funny moments into songs just to mix up the variety. It’s got to be listened to so you can fully appreciate it.

No Sssweat

If a song to just get down to mosh/ move to is more of your ideal song. This might tickle your fancy. The beginning is perfect for all the moshers wanting a good ol’ circle pit :twisted: Again this song is greatly written and performed, the ending line of the song is perfect. I recommend sticking around to hear it :lol

Today Won’t Go Down In History

A more slowed down song, something which the band neglect which is very much underrated. It’s slow and picks up to finish the song. The lyrics are very moving and the backings in the song sound awesome

Return to Energiser

Another hard hitting song to get down and make some room for. More slowed down chorus with some growling, it shouldn’t fit but it does. The Electronic middle of the song sounds great with the vocals. There are just so many switches in this song, it’s hard to keep track at times! Overall great song

Sorry You’re Not A Winner

:clap: :clap: :clap:
You’ll understand when you listen ;) The infamous clap clap clap song. Very heavy song worthy of such status, fast pace riffs, beats and vocals mixing growls and clean makes it such an amazing single for this album. This song would go on to be pretty much the definitive song for Enter Shikari. And it shows, it’s honestly such a pleasure to listen and see performed live. This song as many other fans will say, is just awe-inspiring.

Johnny Sniper

Ah yes, Show your appreciation for Johnny Sniper! This song follows the adventures of our hero Johnny Sniper. It’s mainly a softer song and the vocals fit with the on running comments made towards our hero Johnny Sniper. It has to be listened to fully appreciate (and understand) what I’m on about :lol


The song has only recently become one of my favourites (after seeing it live). It’s soothing, magical and just a solid song overall, the ending lyric is just beautiful. After hearing it live with the crowd singing it back, it just ups the amount of respect i have for the fans, the band and live music in general.

OK, Time for Plan B

One last song, the final song of the album, let’s end it on a high, and boy does it. Fast riffs, battle inspired lyrics, deep growls. It’s what you need to finish an Enter Shikari album. Solid song and the last minute is where it picks up the pace after a slower section and ramps it up to 11. “Let’s make the earth move, Let’s make the ground shake”

That’s it! 10 years of Take To The Skies and it’s still an album i regularly listen to, it’s fantastic, i can not pick a fault with it (Maybe that the mixing and sound quality at times is not the best, but this is after all a opening album, it’s to be expected).

Thank you Enter Shikari

Rating: 10/10



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