Hey Guys & Welcome!

Hello and welcome all!

I’m just your average post teen with an obsession with rock based genre music and going to concerts. You’ll find my listening to such bands as A Day To Remember, Enter Shikari, Don Broco and any bands in between. I’ve been to many concerts in my time ranging from big arena shows to small pub venues. I have a real love for the music genre and the community behind it, it’s such a great genre and love what it bring’s to the music industry.

So what am I doing here?

I thought it was time to document my times and adventures going to concerts as i have a lot planned for the near future. As well as gig reviews and news, i hope to bring my reviews on new albums by some of my favourite bands

(Neck Deep, PVRIS, Don Broco)

I’ll be sharing my opinion on these albums and also reviewing some old favorites as they reach some milestone anniversaries

(For Those Who Have Heart – ADTR, Take To The Skies – Enter Shikari)

What else to expect?

Just anything in general that relates to music, reviews, concert updates, band news, general opinions. I just want to share my views, opinions and stories with you guys to read and hopefully enjoy! I’ll some info on me below so you can get a idea of what music I’m into.

Thanks again guys and enjoy my updates!

Top 3 British Bands:

  1. Enter Shikari
  2. Mallory Knox
  3. Don Broco


Top 3 International Bands:

  1. A Day To Remember
  2. Avenged Sevenfold
  3. Slipknot


Favourite Album:

For Those Who Have Heart – ADTR


Common Courtesy – ADTR


Top 5 Concerts (In no Order):

  • A Day To Remember – Birmingham January 2017
  • Slipknot – Birmingham February 2017
  • Enter Shikari – Nottingham February 2017
  • Linkin Park – Manchester November 2014
  • Chunk! No Captain Chunk! Birmingham December 2015

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